Know Who We Are

About Thadagam Foundation

Thadagam Foundation, originally established in 1982 as Thadagam Education and Charitable Trust, has been active in many spheres of philanthropy. The re-branding is in step with the changing times and the expansion of the activities of the Trust.

We believe education is the key to transforming and empowering the society. We are involved in supporting underprivileged students to realize their dreams through education. We also support those who struggle to build a shelter, require assistance during illness and those who are in need.

"A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"

Our chairman M. V. Kunhumohamed, fondly known as “Thadagam Kunhumohamed” is a philanthropist with a vision to empower the next generation through education. His activities are mainly focused around the villages of his home town Vadakkekad, without religious or political barriers. Education and housing are the key areas of his interest, while providing essentials like food and healthcare to the poor is dear to his heart.

He is the founding chairman of Jaleel Holdings, which is a UAE based investment company with interests predominantly in trading and distribution of fresh fruits, vegetables and fast moving consumer goods (FMGC). Founded in 1972, the company began as a wholesale fruit store in Deira, Dubai. Over the years it expanded, diversifying into various other sectors. The company streamlined its operations bringing all businesses under the umbrella of Jaleel Holdings in 2008.

chairman of thadagam foundation